Shade of Ice - Bittersweet Valentine | Melodic Death Metal

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Stare into my soul
With your seductive eyes
Pulling me towards
The the lie that is you

I shall take your cursed words of broken promises

Yet you lie to yourself
With numbers on a program
Meaninglessly you measure
Your happiness

Emptiness in your heart
Corrupted by constraint
It murmurs with a beat
It hesitates to speak

You shall take your sadness and suffer forever

Pleasure yourself
In temporary
Moments of bliss
Before the comedown
Eradicates fantasy

The realization
That nothing in life matters
Childhood is extinguished
Stolen by the desires of flesh

The fluids of insanity
Penetrate the womb
Spawning the embodiment
Of meaninglessness

Staggering concentrations
Of abused substances
Measured in your blood

Smeared on the path of destruction
Where you profusely convulse
In both pleasure and madness

Yet you lie to yourself
With numbers on a program
Meaninglessly you measure
Your happiness

Yet the circuity lies
By the virtue of calculation
Your illusion of worth

But perhaps
I am the illusion
That guides you
Through this reality

Take these chains
And accept slavery
Breathe and take
This gift from me

Awaken, you miserable cunt
Your fucking soul is mine, bitch
Pull YOUR pants down and suck my dick

Writhe and squirm
My fingers are inside you
Unable to resist
The pain that is pleasure

Inching ever so slowly
Towards the ultimate
Collapse of sensation
And moral compass
beg for more
The rope around your neck tightens
Your final gasp of life approaches
The ultimate release
I deny from you

Bittersweet was your pursuit
For your valentine addiction
An experience of a lifetime
Yet by the trigger it was denied

In this paradise
Corrupted by lies
Under the ashen sky
I take my own life

I set you free
Into the world of misery
The cycle of madness
Repeating history
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