Quarantine Melodic Death Metal Mix Pt 2

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One week after part 1 dropped, and I am still at home not doing too much with all this free time. So here's #2. Love y'all!

Tracklist / Timestamps
1 Akrea - Meteor 0:00
2 Dream of Unreality - Path to Cognition 4:00
3 Die From Sorrow - It's Not Me 9:15
4 Suodeth - Uul 14:25
5 Elzevir - Rain of That Day 18:00
6 Thousand Eyes - Rampage Tyrant 21:33
7 Silence Lies Fear - Undying Mind 26:12
8 InDespair - Sign of the Raven 30:27
9 Wolfchant - Am Schlachtfeld 35:43
10 Ruins of Humanity - Reflection 39:47
11 The Nomad - Faceless 44:59
12 Serenity in Murder - Await Me Your Oath 49:12
13 Darkest Hour - Ad Astra 53:49
14 Atavistia - Through the Meadows of Fire 57:26

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