Quarantine Melodic Death Metal Mix Pt. 1

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As most of you probably are, I too am bored to tears in these mad times, so I figured now's the perfect time to make a new mix for y'all. I've shortened the length of this one to slightly over an hour, as I might make more if the situation stays the same. Anyhow, enjoy this one you sweaty bastards.

Tracklist / Timestamps
1 Hateskor - Mirror's Eye 0:00
2 Zero Degree - Purified 5:30
3 Frosty Eve - Dying Dreamland 9:49
4 Soulrest - Winterfell 13:32
5 Belzebubs - The Faustian Alchemist 19:11
6 Croword - Beyond Obsidian Gates 23:23
7 Skyfire - Effusion of Strength 29:16
8 Nameless One - Atlantis Awakened 32:17
9 Dead City Crown - Invictus 37:36
10 Blinded in Bliss - Washed Away 41:14
11 Witheria - ATDBTS 46:00
12 Embryo - Vanguard for the Blind 49:19
13 Emperator - Valkyrion 52:39
14 Runeshard - Crimson Gates 58:29

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