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01.Aeternam - Poena Universi
02.Blackguard - By My Hand (feat. Morgan Lander)
03.Coldflesh - Deficiency
04.Crimson Shadows - Blackfire
05.Death Scythe - The Last Agony
06.Deliver The Galaxy - New Horizons
07.Deviant Syndrome - Adjusting the Sun
08.Heaven Shall Burn - Protector
09.Kritter - Your Sacrifice
10.Machinations of Fate - Bedlam in the Far Reaches
11.The Oblyvion - Helios
12.Torchia - Plague Peasant
13.Tonight We Stand - Phobia
14.Arcaine - Void
15.Aspired Infliction - Sojourn
16.Blackguard - To Ashes Return
17.Blackguard - Visions (Of Blood and Gold)
18.Chronicle - Human Instrumentality
19.Chronicle - Perpetuation of Addiction
20.Crimson Shadows - Against the Wind
21.Nemesis - Living Dead People
22.The Black Dahlia Murder - The Wereworm's Feast
23.Across Silence - Regrets
24.Arcaine - Rebuild
25.Astral Chaos - It All Comes Crashing Down
26.Black Despair - Dead star
27.Black Despair - Extinction in a space
28.Blackguard - ...Of Threads and Fate (feat. Per Nilsson)
29.Blackguard - The Hunted
30.Chronicle - Malignance Personified
31.Archegon - Omega to Alpha
32.Death & Legacy - Pray


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