Enigmatic Entrance - Under Raven Wings (guitar playthrough by Timo)

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The most popular song of Enigmatic Entrance played through with guitar by Timo! This is the first single of the upcoming melodic death metal album, Becoming Daylight, featuring:

Ryan Strain from C4TM (main vocals)
Björn Strid from Soilwork (vocals)
Jake E from Cyhra (vocals)
Erica Ohlsson from Metalite (vocals)
Alex Landenburg from Cyhra/Kamelot (main drums)
Tommy Portimo from Sonata Arctica (drums)
Euge Valovurta from Cyhra/Red Wolf (guitar solo)
Jere Tulirinta (two keyboard solos)

Additional credits:
Norbert Leitner (mixing/mastering)
Devel Sullivan (samples/orchestartion)
Tullius Heuer (arts/videos)
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