10 Minute Riffs - Day 6

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10 Minute Riffs day 6

A bit of a late riff today, but this drum groove really got me out of a comfort zone to be honest! It felt so grungy and I got so many ideas for an Alice In Chains style riff, but it felt so weird to try and get that authentic grungy feel to the riff when I was actually recording it! Slapped a bit of chorus on my videoed guitar take as well to get a weird modulated sound as well - Hope you all like it! :D

Toontrack Alt Rock Pack
Root Note - F#
BPM - 166

Gear Used

-ESP LTD Xtone PC-1V
-Squire Jazz Bass
-Scarlett 6i6
-Logic X
-ML Sound Labs - Amped Roots Plugin, Ryan Fluff Bruce Signature
-Toontrack Superior Drummer 2
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